The Wag Lady goes online! Dog walking around Eaglesham and East Kilbride.

At last I’ve found my ideal job! As an animal lover and dog owner all my life, becoming a dog walker really is a dream come true. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. I love meeting new pooches, getting to know them and introducing them to my own faithful hounds. And after we’ve become acquainted, there’s nothing better than taking them for a long walk in the sunshine with the rest of The Wag Lady pack. After years slaving away at a desk, it’s fantastic to be out and about in Eaglesham, East Kilbride, Waterfoot, Busby and beyond — it’s the best office I’ve ever had! Over the next few months I’ll try and keep you updated with the latest Wag Lady developments. I’ve only been up and running (literally!) for a couple of months, but I’ve already got some brilliant clients and can’t wait to meet more. As well as the walking, dog sitting has really taken off and I’ve enjoyed having some real characters to stay. Pop back and see what I’m up to — life’s never dull with a dog around!

  1. Kirsty Lieberthal Reply

    Hi Sheena,

    Love your website and can certainly vouch love that you love your dogs and those you look after too. I would definitely leave a pet in your care.

    Best of luck!


    • ADMIN Reply

      Don’t, you’ll make me cry. Thanks so much. When you getting your dog then?xx

  2. Emma mcgarrity Reply

    Hi Sheena
    Your website is fantastic your love of dogs comes across – we will be getting our family pet in the next couple of months and we will be booking him into you for summer holidays!


    • ADMIN Reply

      Oh how exciting Emma. Look forward to seeing pics and meeting

  3. Audrey Mason Reply

    Fantastic new website to match what’s an amazing service. Olive and Zohar love coming to yours and will definitely ‘join the pack’ again soon. Well done for taking the leap of faith. Onwards and upwards Scooby x

    • ADMIN Reply

      Hurry, hurry cos we miss those mischievous faces.x

  4. Gemma Deans Reply

    Hi Sheena!

    Your website is awesome,just like you.Rafa is so happy to feature on your site also. He is looking forward to seeing you on weds and staying with you later on in the month.We are so glad we fell across you up at calderglen that day.A great person to be looking after your dog and very professional indeed.

    Gemma and Rafa


    • The Wag Lady Reply

      Thanks Gemma. I’m so lucky to have such amazing dogs to walk. Loving it.x

  5. Onion Reply

    Hi Wonderful Wag Lady… Mum took me a walk today and made me actually run half a mile!!! I much prefer our walks :) Ox

    • The Wag Lady Reply

      Bad mummy, does she not know you only run through the mud?

      Poor you, but bet you sleep tonight. See you on Tuesday.x

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